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During COVID our opening times will be for telephone appointments only. Face 2 face appointments will be booked post triage with the GP. Nurse appointments will continue to be Face 2 Face unless otherwise advised.

*We respectfully request that you continue to wear your face mask when you are in Elgar House Surgery, in line with Government Guidance on a Medical Setting environment.  Thank you.

When to isolate

When to isolate

How to request a medical exemption letter for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Patients will be unable to request an appointment at the surgery, for medical exemption of the COVID-19 Vaccination. Please follow the below process/guidance on how to obtain this.


 1. Please contact the COVID-19 Covid Pass Service on 119 to request an exemption application form from COVID-19 vaccines or COVID-19 vaccines and testing.

2. The 119 operative performs a non-medical pre-screening assessment and will take some details about your request. This will determin which clinician should review the exemption application, and any written communication accessibility preferences. The 119 operative will inform and explain to you if you do not meet the pre-screening assessment criteria.

3. An application form, pre-populated with information recorded by the 119 operative, will be posted to you

4. On receipt of the application form,  please add any relevant information/evidence required to support your application and forward it to the clinician (you do not need to make an appointment for this).

5. The clinician will assess the application against the clinical guidance provided by DHSC, your medical records, and any evidence/supporting information provided.

6. The clinician (or a colleague with delegated authority) will then record the outcome of the clinical assessment (i.e. exemption accepted or declined) on the Summary Care Record application (SCRa).

7. Following this action, you will automatically receive a notification by letter of the outcome of your application and, if your application was accepted. This will display on their NHS COVID Pass available in the NHS App or non-digital alternatives. There is no further action required from the clinician. 

Vaccination Surveys



Covid-19 Vaccination Survey

The survey is specifically aimed at those who have concerns about having the vaccination.

Please see links below for - 
- Link to complete survey online
- Information about the survey for display and distribution
- Printable version of the survey - including Freepost address

Please let us know if you would like any further information via or 01386 550264.

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Healthwatch Worcestershire